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I am sorry to all of my awesome New York clients,
I will miss working with you all in person.
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Ednie Physical Therapy is private outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic in Manhattan.  


It is owned by the sole proprietor Raymond V. Ednie PT, DPT. At Ednie Physical Therapy, your health is our number one priority, and we make sure to meet all your needs in a timely manner!


We offer proactive, quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment.



Ray opened his outpatient practice officially in 2016 because he saw a need for quality physical therapy care that is difficult to get in facilities where multiple patients are seen at once. 


His practice is unique in that he specializes in outpatient 1 on 1 physical therapy for 60 minutes of individual attention per session so that he can focus his attention on you, the patient, which enables you to recover quicker with results that last!

Ray is an out of network provider for all insurances (including UMR) in his private practice. If you have out of network benefits, all visits are to be paid in cash/credit card and he will provide you with a superbill each visit with all of the necessary billing codes which you can then submit to your insurance for reimbursement. This will also work with a Health Savings Account (HSA) submission. Visits can also be paid in cash per session if you do not have insurance coverage or do not want to use your insurance for any reason. Please inquire if you have more questions.






At Ednie Physical Therapy we specialize in Physical Therapy for sports and work related injuries.


In addition, we have comprehensive expertise in a variety of different treatment areas to manage your injury or dysfunction. So whether you’re in need of General Physical Therapy, Post-op Physical Therapy, or Physical Therapy for work related Injuries, we will tailor a program to fit your specific dysfunction.


Call or email today to schedule an appointment.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

General Physical Therapy

Neck, Back, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot, Wrist, Hand

Muscular Man Lifting Kettle Ball

Sports Physical Therapy

Injury Prevention, Functional Movement Assessments, On-site Consulting


Post-op Physical Therapy

ACL Reconstruction, Rotator Cuff Repair, Labral Repairs, Total Hip Replacement, Total Knee Replacement


Physical Therapy for Work Related Injuries

Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Postural Dysfunction, Ergonomic Assessments


Telehealth Visits

Get quality treatment from the comfort of your home!

Raymond V. Ednie PT, DPT

Physical Therapist/Owner

Ray is a licensed physical therapist in New York City who has worked in a number of well-established healthcare facilities including Kessler Institute and Mount Sinai Hospital. He is licensed in both the states of New York and New Jersey.

Ray has worked in multiple settings including acute care, inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient orthopedic. He has immense experience treating a multitude of conditions ranging from orthopedic to neurological conditions with a diverse background in advanced clinical neuromuscular treatments.  

He is trained in Maitland Australian manual therapy and certified in Selective Functional Movement Assessment.


Ray is a miracle worker!! I saw him while training for a marathon after I had gotten what felt like a marathon-ending shoulder injury that was really hurting every time I ran, and I left feeling like a new person. You can tell from the moment you walk in that you're in good hands. Ray has a keen sense for getting right to the root cause of an issue and will help you find the mobility you're missing. 10/10 - would highly recommend!

Nathan M.

I came to Ray after having chronic back pain for over ten years. As anyone who has had chronic pain knows, it's difficult to motivate yourself to tackle it. I had tried other PTs but none were interested in diving into the intricacies of the issues that built up over the years--until Ray. Our first session, he asked a ton of questions and had me do various movements, and listened and observed closely. He broke down the issues he saw and outlined a basic plan for how we were going to approach them. Over five months, we started with an intensive stretching regiment, then moved on to basic exercises to restore my mental connection to my weak muscles. Finally, we slowly accelerated the difficulty and pace of my exercises until my range of motion and strength had increased dramatically. 

The reason I used "we" throughout is because I felt like Ray was with me every step of the way. He was completely invested in my success. We had weekly, hour-long sessions at which he was attentive and present for every minute. That meant they were very productive and I always left feeling positive and with significantly less pain. At every session Ray would do amazing manual, soft tissue work on my back and neck to alleviate my pain and make me able to do my exercises effectively. We would go over my exercise regiment, adjusting it as needed. Along the way, Ray would observe me doing each exercise and make small adjustments so that I was doing them exactly right. 

Throughout the process, Ray also described what the goals of the stretches and exercises were, teaching me the names of the muscles that were affected, and helping me understand the intricacies of my issues and how they led to my chronic pain. This made me feel empowered to take my physical issues into my own hands and become a true participant in my recovery. 

Scheduling our sessions was very easy, and the studio Ray works out of is beautiful, clean, and comfortable. I can honestly say that working with Ray changed my life. I'm so happy to have "graduated" from PT and to be living pain-free, and it's all thanks to Ray's dedication, thoughtfulness, skill, and extensive knowledge.

Briana P.

“I went to see Ray for a chronic problem with my hip. I had received PT for the problem before, to temporary (and not much) success. But Ray’s approach was different from the start. He carried out an incredibly thorough and personalized first assessment, then designed a program that was 100% catered to my condition and the limitations of my body. His method of combining massage and bodywork with targeted exercises was a dream! And the exercises changed every week, depending on my progress and his expert assessments of what I needed to do to improve. He also designed an at-home program for me that has helped me keep my hip in good health. Ray is extremely skilled and a consummate professional, and I would (and have!) recommend him to anyone.”

Marcie M.

“Dr. Ray is an incredibly talented physical therapist who rehabbed me back to full health following a complete ACL tear on the soccer field. As a personal trainer, race coach and group fitness instructor it was imperative that I recovered quickly and optimally after ACL reconstruction surgery. Thanks to Dr. Ray’s dedication, skill and knowledge, I am back up and running- literally. Following the surgery he restored my range of motion and reduced my pain with his soft tissue work and table exercises. He helped me take my first steps without crutches. From there he had me perform safe and effective exercises to regain strength and muscle in my completely atrophied left leg. Weeks later I ran my first minute on the treadmill under Dr. Ray’s watchful eye and within a few months I was running three miles comfortably outside. 
I am so grateful to have worked with Dr. Ray Ednie. He is a master when it comes to treating injuries and reducing pain. He truly understands how the human body moves and functions. To say he is passionate is an understatement- I think he is literally obsessed with what he does. His passion combined with his care for his patients is what makes him a standout physical therapist.
He not only restored my strength and mobility, he restored my quality of life. I love being an athlete again and I owe it all to Dr. Ray!”

Daphnie Y.

“Ray has been my physical therapist for the past few years, and has successfully treated and remedied my various injuries and pains caused by backpacking, rock climbing, and even simply poor posture. Ray is incredibly diligent, passionate about his profession, and cares about his patients. Sometimes I think he’s a sorcerer for being able to make me become pain free again, but I think it just means he knows what he’s doing.”

Anna T.


Mon - Fri: 6pm-9pm
Sat & Sun: 9am-3pm




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